30th September 2014

Dear all,

      Beginning tomorrow, the main production streams from MACC are changing. The coupled IFS-MOZART model has been replaced with C-IFS-TM5, and GFAS has been upgraded to version 1.2. This also implied that you need to change the catalogue names to access data from the Jü OWS server (both via JOIN or via script access)! Please see http://ows-server.iek.fz-juelich.de/static/index.html for a description of the valid catalogues.

Best regards,
The Juelich OWS team.

7th January 2013

Dear all,

      due to problems encountered while moving the web interface to the new hardware, we have to move the announced switchover date. We hope to have the new web interface running in the coming days (everything else seems to work fine), and we will let you know when it works. In order to grant you some time for testing, we will now switch off the old server after Jan 31st. Note that some functionality will already use the new hardware now, even though you are using the web interface on the old machine. Direct access to the data (e.g. via shell scripts) already works from ows-server.iek.fz-juelich.de. Please adopt your scripts accordingly and take note of the new catalogue names described in the last message.

Best regards,
The Juelich OWS team.

23rd October 2012

Dear all,

please note that we are going to upgrade our HTAP/MACC WCS server to new hardware in order to enhance our interoperable data services.

The new server will be available via the following DNS names:
  • macc.iek.fz-juelich.de (MACC related services) [currently macc.icg.kfa-juelich.de:50080]
  • htap.iek.fz-juelich.de (HTAP related services) [currently htap.icg.kfa-juelich.de:50080]
  • join.iek.fz-juelich.de (Juelich OWS (Web) INterface) [currently ogc-interface.icg.kfa-juelich.de:50080]
  • ows-server.iek.fz-juelich.de (OWS Server) [currently ogc-interface.icg.kfa-juelich.de:58080]

The new system is scheduled to come online during December this year and will be run in parallel with the existing system until 7th of January 2013 at which point we will switch off the old server.

Due to a switch to Apache as web server you will no longer need to specify the port number (i.e. the new addresses will be used without the :50080 and :58080, respectively). All services should then be available via the standard HTTP port. As a consequence, the service offered will depend on the DNS name used. join.iek.fz-juelich.de will bring up the OWS Web Interface, while ows-server.iek.fz-juelich.de will provide access to our OWS/WCS server.

During this migration we will also clean up the naming of the old MACC data catalogues from the NRT experiment f93i which stopped in August 2012.
  • MACC_24h_Global_Forecasts will be renamed to MACC_f93i_3hourly_ModelLevel
  • MACC_24h_Global_Forecasts_monthly will be renamed to MACC_f93i_monthly_ModelLevel and
  • MACC_Daily_96h_Global_Forecasts will be removed (these are the daily files with 4-day forecasts; the first day of each file is preserved in the MACC_f93i_3hourly_ModelLevel catalogue as annual time series for each compound).

We will let you know in a separate mail when the new server is online so that you can test and adapt your workflows.

Best regards,
The Juelich OWS team.

9th July 2012

Dear users of the Juelich MACC boundary condition server,

      as announced earlier, the MACC project is in the process of moving its operational forecasts of the global atmospheric chemical composition to a new model configuration. We have now implemented automatic download of these new forecast data to our Juelich boundary condition server.
There are two new catalogues:
For script users, this would be:
The associated MACC experiment ID is fnyp.

The old forecast stream will remain active at a minimum until the end of September, but we advise you to switch to the new forecast stream as soon as possible. In case of problems, don't hesitate to contact us. [m.schultz@fz-juelich.de, m.decker@fz-juelich.de]

Best regards,
Martin Schultz and the Juelich team.

15th June 2012

Dear All,

After implementing and testing many improvements to the MACC-II near-real-time system, we would like to officially switch to a new system on 5 July 2012. Although we will keep current experiments running until 30 September 2012, the new experiment will be the default experiment for all users. This includes all users who rely on the current forecast-only experiments. Please, let us know as soon as possible, if this will cause problems in your case.

The experiment ID is fnyp, which is a data assimilation/forecasting system providing a 5-day forecast starting from the 00UTC analysis. The forecast is generally available from the MARS and ECFS archive around 21UTC. For users, who rely on specific output on our ftp server, the change should be transparent.

Main changes compared to the f93i experiment are:
  • Improved aerosol model
  • Use of Mozart v3.5
  • Updated anthropogenic emissions
  • GFASv1.0 fire emissions for both aerosol and reactive gases
  • GRIB2 is used for all model level fields archived on MARS
  • Directory structure of archived chemical data on ECFS has changed (for more information, see link below)
  • 5-day forecast starting from the 00UTC analysis is available the same day around 21UTC More details can be found at NRT dissemination of global products under the "E-suite (test system) details" tab.

The data will also be available from the MACC-II boundary condition server at http://macc.icg.kfa-juelich.de:50080/, although not guaranteed in near-real-time.

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. This change is an important step towards a more operational configuration of the MACC-II system and user feedback is an important component of this transition.

"Please note that if you use the Juelich boundary condition service, there will be no change in file formats, but you will face the following modifications:
  • The model resolution will be finer
  • The list of species has been shortened
  • The data will be available earlier than at present
  • You will need to change the catalogue name(s) you are accessing

We are presently adapting our scripts to the new system and implement the new catalogues. Once this is ready we will provide you with further details so that you can begin testing."

Best regards,
The Juelich OWS team.